2008 – 2010

Since our first day of operation back in January 2008 we firmly knew our path is going to be all about quality and innovations in education.

Starting out as a local training provider in Kaunas city,  UAB GLOBALIOS IDĖJOS offered in-service training for local communities on popular topics such as accountancy and document management for beginners. 

At the same time we were very eager to learn ourselves, and to connect to similar organisations. That’s why from the very first year we have entered Lifelong Learning Programme (predecessor of Erasmus+). This experience gave us plenty of new ideas on education quality and broadened our  understanding of links between workplace training and employability.

As we expanded our trainers’ pool and grew confidence in what we were doing, more and more often we found ourselves winning public tenders where new target groups of learners – for example, teachers, civil servants, medical staff – had to been trained. This experience helped us to attract new trainers and experts in such domains as management and administration,  finance, law, psychology, education methods, and medicine. During these projects we learned managing large numbers of learners and ensuring smooth education process within very different settings.

2011 – 2014

In 2010, we were offered to take part in mobility projects for the first time. It seemed an interesting opportunity, and so we took off in 2011 with 8 groups. At first anxious about cultural differences and managing foreign trainees’ expectations, we soon found out that this activity is in many ways more interesting and rewarding than local training.

In parallel, over the period of 2011 – 2014 organising large scale training events have built our team’s organisational competencies.  Again, as subcontractor in large public tenders we have been arranging venues, equipment, catering, accommodation, handouts, translations, participant registration, transport and other practical aspects for training courses, large-scale seminars and conferences. This experience by the way, helped us to build a pool of trustful logistical partners: hotels, restaurants, transport companies etc.

Over this period we have moved to Vilnius, but ran our training and organisational activities throughout the country.

In 2014, a pivotal moment occured when we had to re-consider our path already walked and that waiting ahead. We have taken decision to get deeper into employability issues and workplace learning rather than purely classroom training that we were exploiting before.

2015 – 2018

The profile of EU projects we took part in since then has also changed. Our attention was caught by methods and tools making VET learners successful employees or even future entrepreneurs. 

Organising a high-quality traineeship of foreign student in a local company is more difficult task as it might seem. Companies are concerned of many legal and safety issues. It took years of hard work to build a system that works and a country-wide network of host companies and organisations that are willing to cooperate. 

Over the last few years we had to totally revamped our internal processes and to create unique methodology called Learner-Employer Matching for Erasmus Traineeship (LEMETTM), to get where we are now.


We operate mainly in Vilnius, but have good share of host companies from other Lithuanian cities and towns that would happily offer workplace training for foreign students.

So far UAB GLOBALIOS IDĖJOS has hosted 65 groups of trainees (836 students and 130 teachers, to be precise). Click here to see full list.