We have plenty of internship offers in restaurants where you have chance to develop their skills in:

  • dessert making
  • making salads and cold appetisers
  • meat preparation, including grill
  • cooking pasta, baking pizzas, making burgers, etc.
  • making garnishes and decorating plates

We cooperate mainly with restaurants located in 4-star and 5-star hotels, many of them international brands. They can offer you learning in multicultural environment from experienced chefs.

Food processing companies

We can find your food technology internship positions in modern factories to get experience in:

  • bread production
  • meat and fish processing
  • fruit and vegetable processing and canning
  • milk processing and dairy product production

Students of food technology or gastronomy domain may be offered internships in small-and-medium-size gastronomy businesses such as:

  • bakeries and confectioneries
  • production of snacks, condiments, beverages, etc
  • agri-tourism farms producing own ecological products

Worth knowing:

  • In catering and food technology companies, work safety and occupational health requirements are strict. We will inform you on all procedures and precautions to be taken into account in each placement agreed.
  • Some food production companies are located outside the city area, thus commute might take more time than usual (1 hour+).
  • Many strong food processing companies are located in other Lithuania’s regions (not Vilnius).