We collaborate with several large food processing corporate groups in Lithuania. We can provide your food technology students internship positions in modern factories to get experience in:

  • bread production
  • meat and fish processing
  • fruit and vegetable processing and canning
  • milk processing and dairy product production

Alternatively, your students are invited to perform internships in small-and-medium-scale gastronomy businesses such as:

  • bakeries and confectioneries (with production)
  • cafeterias (as baristas and cooks for simple snacks)
  • agri-tourism farms that produce own ecological products

Large variety of restaurants and cafes, ranging from family-run ones to large chain-restaurants and highly specialised food services. The trainees have chance to polish their skills in:

  • dessert making
  • making salads and cold appetisers
  • meat preparation, including grill
  • cooking pasta, baking pizzas, making burgers, etc.
  • making garnishes and decorating plates

Large food technology companies are located in smaller suburb towns nearby large metropolitan areas. While restaurants and small catering facilities that we offer can be at any location, reachable by public transport.

Each time we discuss location as well as logistical support with sending organisation and try to find best solution for students and host companies.

Catering and food technology host companies are especially sensitive to work safety and occupational health issues. We will inform you on the procedures and precautions to be taken into account in each placement agreed.