For you as project manager, probably the most important questions are: 

Where my students will be doing their traineeships? 
Will they have chance to improve their skills during the mobility abroad?

Already during the project development stage, we will be happy to provide you with the lists of preliminary host companies. Feel free to ask the list, depending on vocations planned in your project:

Please note that these lists serve as an example of our capacities. The companies on the lists have either already hosted our client schools’ trainees or they have expressed interest in doing so in future.

However, please bear in mind that placing your learners in a specific company can NOT be pre-guaranteed.

Placing a trainee in a specific company requires thorough evaluation & matching that is done by our HR specialists. This way we can guarantee best results for student and host company as well as to eliminate risks of traineeship.

Main criteria that host companies take into account

Main criteria that every host company consider while offered Eramus+ trainees are their language skills and vocational skills.

Language skills

In short, the better language skills, the better chances for getting better traineeship position. 

We advice trainees to focus on spoken language, not paying much attention to proper grammar and spelling.

Non-verbal often can be helpful at workplacement too.

Vocational skills

Employers pay attention to trainees’ past work experience. Students that have some work experience (could be also internships) have more chances to be accepted to stronger host companies.

Placements for students with very low vocational and/or language skills can NOT be guaranteed. If your project foresees low-skilled participants, please consider Practical training in VET school workshops / classroom  instead. 

Although now we do not specialise in traineeships at a local VET school workshops, we still have good connections with many VET providers in Vilnius and can help you with such project as well.


Duration of traineeship is VERY important criteria for host companies. While some vocations, such as catering or hospitality might be happy with even short-term help, others – especially technical ones – look for long-term trainees. The reason is