We cooperate with strong and innovative kindergartens, both public and private. They can offer you opportunity to join their team of teachers and explore variety of teaching methods and styles of early childhood and pre-school education, e.g.:

  • outdoor education
  • music and arts-oriented education
  • healthy-lifestyle education
  • bilingual education
  • specific education approaches: Montessori, Reggio Emilia, etc.

Schools and after-school education

We can arrange internship primary and secondary schools. Positions of assistants of primary school teachers or subject (e.g. arts) teachers are available. Similarly, positions for social workers and other supporting specialists may be arranged.

Following your preferences, placement can be selected in a variety of schools in terms of educational methods and styles .

Apart from formal education we can offer placements in after-school facilities as well as thematic non-formal education institutions for schoolchildren (e.g. programming classes, dance classes etc.).

Special education and social care institutions

For special education specialists we can offer valuable experiences in organisations that specialise in the care and education of children and youth having special needs:

  • special kindergartens and schools
  • day-care centres fro children with disabilities
  • residential homes for youngsters with disabilities.